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With experience rooted in the mid-eighties, the company Gruppo Ideal Stampi operates in the design and construction of die-casting molds (aluminum and zamak), especially for the automotive sector. An I.M.S.A. machine was installed for deep drilling up to 1,000 mm. Translation of the article published in the Italian technical magazine COSTRUIRE STAMPI (Publitec publishing) – November 2023
The already wide and diversified range of deep drilling machines designed and manufactured by IMSA can now count on a new model for parts up to 4 tonnes, featuring a dual-spindle configuration to ensure uncompromising productivity and versatility for mould makers. Article of the Italian technical magazine STAMPI.
Sanvito & Somaschini is an Italian company specialising in the mold making for the construction of plastic parts for the automotive industry. In cooperation with I.M.S.A., the company realized an efficient and optimized deep drilling cell. Article of the Italian technical magazine COSTRUIRE STAMPI.
A hole is defined as deep when the length of the hole exceeds at least 10 times the diameter of the tool, up to lengths of 150 times the diameter and more, depending on how the tool is guided through the machine. This is such an extensive range that it includes different systems and tools: helical drills, gun drills, BTA/STS tools.
MF1000-3T EVO is the latest deep hole drilling and milling center developed by I.M.S.A., expressly made for INTEGRITY TOOL & MOLD, a company that needs to automate as much as possible the construction of complex molds weighing up to 2.5 t. - Article from the Italian technical magazine “COSTRUIRE STAMPI”.
Specialized in the construction of injection moulds for the automotive sector, R.S. MECCANICA realizes the cooling circuits of the moulds on deep hole drilling machines of the Italian manufacturer I.M.S.A. Last year, R.S. Meccanica purchased the MF1300/4P EVO model from I.M.S.A., equipped with a 4-position drill changer and 60-position milling tool changer. - Article of the Italian technical magazine COSTRUIRE STAMPI (mold making).
The I.M.S.A. MF1300/4P EVO deep drilling and milling center has a gun drill change system for changing 4 complete deep drilling units, an 80-position ISO50 tool changer and a two-position pallet changer. Article by the Italian technical magazine MACCHINE UTENSILI (Machine Tools).
Claren Tools has expanded its fleet of machines by integrating a new IMSA deep drilling and milling center. A new strategic investment oriented to increase the production capacity of the company, as well as to provide an additional service of contract machining. Translation of the article of the Italian technical magazine STAMPI
I.M.S.A. has recently delivered two models of twin-spindle gun drilling machines for cylindrical parts to be drilled along their axis to two customers in the machining sector (an Italian and a French company): these are the MFT750/2TCR and MFT1500/2TCR models. Article of the technical magazine NEWSMEC.
Mould Solutions has been operating in Maniago, in Friuli Italy, for over forty years. It is a dynamic company specialising in the design and manufacturing of injection moulds for plastics and thermosetting materials. The company relies on the MF1250/2FL gun drilling machine from Italian manufacturer I.M.S.A. to make the cooling circuits for the moulds. Translation of the article published by the Italian technical magazine “Costruire Stampi”.
Two I.M.S.A. MFT deep drilling machines, supplied to corporate clients this year between June and July, feature some improvements which the manufacturer highlights by adding the code EVO to the machine name. One model was built for a French tool manufacturer, while the other one was developed for an Italian company operating in the aeronautical field. Translation of the article published by the Italian technical magazine “NewsMec”.
Our gundrilling and milling machines for molds adopt different technical solutions for switchover drilling/milling and back.
Responsibility, cooperation, optimism: fundamentals ingredients for the economic recovery in this critical moment. We believe in it: that's why we started the production of our most flexible gun drill models and we can propose them with shorter delivery times in respect of usual manufacturing times. We are at your disposal to assist you in determining the most appropriate solution for your drilling needs.
A dynamic reality where each design is a tailored response to customers who need precision and speed in deep drilling. Sales manager for I.M.S.A. srl, Luca Picciolo, tells us about the current situation in our interview with him. - Translation of the interview carried out by the Italian technical magazine “Macchine Utensili”
Over the last few years I.M.S.A. has renovated its entire range of mould and block deep drilling machines and, notably, it has developed the new MF1350EVO model, a deep drilling and milling machine designed for machining moulds weighing up to 12t. Translation of article from the Italian technical magazine “Costruire Stampi”.
Precision, flexibility, power: these are the key features of the new drilling and milling centre just launched on the market. Ideal for the mould industry. Translation of article published in the Italian technical magazine “Stampi”.
14/11/19 We are pleased to announce the installation of our 500th deep hole drilling machine.
Professionalism and experience, high quality materials, innovative solutions, accurate execution, timely deliveries and, above all, great passion allowed OFBM MOULDS to operate in the global market. For deep drilling operations the company relies on the solutions from Italian manufacturer I.M.S.A. Translation of the article published by the Italian technical magazine “Costruire Stampi”
With the IMSA MF1000C deep drilling machine, German mold manufacturer S&S achieved significant improvements in their production process of mold plates. Translation of article that appeared in the German industrial magazine NC FERTIGUNG, May 2019
Every important anniversary is a time to reflect on the milestones reached and goals yet to be achieved. For IMSA’s 30th year in operation, Italian trade magazine COSTRUIRE STAMPI (mold making) interviewed Luca Picciolo, Sales Manager, who retraced the milestones the company’s growth and forecasting future scenarios for deep drilling.
In its first 30 years in business, IMSA has consolidated its position as a key player at national and international level. With a range of high-performance and customized drilling and milling machines for molds and blocks, machines for the centerline drilling of cylindrical workpieces, as well as special machines.
COPY is a contractor company based in Brescia that performs rough machining, deep hole drilling, finishing on dies and punches as well as on particular for molds. For deep drilling operations, COPY relies on solutions provided by the Italian manufacturer I.M.S.A. Translation of article that appeared in the trade magazine COSTRUIRE STAMPI - May 2018
Specialists in the manufacture of ground plates, standard mold bases, special mold bases and technical equipment according to customer specifications, ALBA has introduced a new deep hole drilling and milling machine for molds made by IMSA. Translation of the article published by the Italian technical magazine “STAMPI” (Molds) March 2018
I.M.S.A.'s deep drilling machines, meant especially for manufacturers of moulds and die bases, are characterized by a particularly rigid structure allowing both Gun drilling and milling operations to be carried out effectively.
IMSA's technical team recently made improvements on the spindles of MF1000C, MF1000/2F, MF1250/2FL machines. Thanks to these new spindles the machine performances both in gundrilling and in complementary machining have strongly increased.
One of the most critical operations in manufacturing mold bases is deep hole drilling. To ensure a high-quality product, TVMP, an Italian manufacturer of mold bases, relies on the experience and technological solutions of I.M.S.A. Translation of article by the Italian technical journal “COSTRUIRE STAMPI”
"Top-Automation in gundrilling" - Presentation of deep drilling center with gundrill changer - EMO Milano 2015
Many IMSA machines for molds and blocks have a Vertical Gantry Column structure. This means, the column is supported and guided at both bottom and top.
IMSA is proud to introduce the NEW COMPACT deep drilling machine MF1000C AT EUROMOLD TRADE SHOW 25-28 November, 2014 - Frankfurt (Germany)
Deep drilling and milling in sinergy - Official presentation of the new-design gundrill center IMSA MF1450BB evo at BIMU trade show, 2014, Milan (Italy)
World-class automation, flexibility and safety without compromise: These are the main features of the new machine made by a well-known manufacturer in Lecco (Italy), recently purchased by a Canadian mold company for their manufacturing facility.