The Vertical Gantry column of IMSA gundrilling machines

Many IMSA machines for molds and blocks have a Vertical Gantry Column structure. This means, the column is supported and guided at both bottom and top.

IMSA has been using this type of structure since 2000 on its BB series of machines: a structure that is 16 times more rigid than traditional structures having columns supported only at the bottom. This numerical value is not just a random, approximate value, but is absolutely true and analytically obtained from the comparison of the static scheme and the related stress.


– enables the use of the latest generation of gun drills featuring chip breaker inserts (in addition to the conventional gun drills with brazed bits) resulting in higher drilling speeds;

– ensures better control of structural stress and flexures, enhancing hole straightness and reducing vibrations, in any position of the Y vertical axis.


A hole is defined as deep when the length of the hole exceeds at least 10 times the diameter of the tool, up to lengths of 150 times the diameter and more, depending on how the tool is guided through the machine. This is such an extensive range that it includes different systems and tools: helical drills, gun drills, BTA/STS tools.
Our gundrilling and milling machines for molds adopt different technical solutions for switchover drilling/milling and back.
A dynamic reality where each design is a tailored response to customers who need precision and speed in deep drilling. Sales manager for I.M.S.A. srl, Luca Picciolo, tells us about the current situation in our interview with him. - Translation of the interview carried out by the Italian technical magazine “Macchine Utensili”