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MF1300/4P EVO



  • For workshops that need to extremely optimize the profitability of the deep drilling phase, IMSA proposes its Gun Drilling and Milling Center MF1300/4P EVO.
  • Thanks to IMSA’s 4-positions gun drill changer, you can now drill 4x longer without interruptions or manage different gun drill diameters. Each gun drill unit has a chip box, steady rests, gundrill and guiding bushing. In this way, the correct alignments are retained.
  • The MF1300/4P EVO is the evolution of previous projects: IMSA presented in 2009 its MF1100BB/6P, the first BB Series machine with interchangeable Gundrilling groups and MF1300BB/4P presented at the EMO trade show in 2015.
  • Compound-angle machining in molds with complex cooling circuits is possible by combining table rotation and ram tilting movement.
  • MF1300/4P EVO is designed to drill molds up to 12 tonnes size. A workpiece of diameter 2750mm max can rotate inside the machine structure. 1200x1500mm table, infinite-position rotation movement, 500mm translation movement in approach to headstock. Deep drilling up to 1300 mm in a single cycle, diameter range from 5 to 40 mm solid.
  • “EVO” Series: the well-known drilling performances of our BB-Series are here improved: MF1300/4P EVO’s gun drilling spindle has a power of 11 kW, 4200 rpm and is liquid-cooled.
  • The two spindles are separate and optimized: IMSA dual-spindle configuration for gun drilling and auxiliary machining. The switchover from gun drilling to milling and back is totally automatic, by M function, without any operator’s intervention.
  • Horizontal milling stroke of 1100 mm obtained by combining the ram stroke (axis W 650mm) and the stroke of the milling shaft (axis Z 450mm).
  • “EVO” Series: MF1300/4P EVO is equipped with a ISO50 liquid-cooled milling head with 29 kW power and 6000 rpm, for a maximum torque of 200 Nm. ISO50 automatic tool changer with 20 / 40 / 80 tool pockets.
  • Performance is guaranteed in any vertical position thanks to our vertical gantry column structure, which supports the column both at the lower and upper end (16 times more rigid than a column guided only at the base).
  • 4-Sides Machining Concept: the long transversal movements and the translating table increase the workpiece reachability, and enable a single workpiece setup in the table center. Advanced RTCP for the compound-angle machining. Two-spindle management with a single origin on the 4 faces. Specific IMSA/HEIDENHAIN function control the deep drilling process.
  • The Gun Drilling Center MF1300/4P EVO can be equipped with a 2-position Pallet Changer and with a double screen with cameras into the machining area.


IMSA MF1300/4P EVO Gun Drilling and Milling Center for molds up to 12000 kg having max size (diameter in rotation) 2750 mm
Compound-angle gundrilling for molds in which complex waterlines have to be drilled (5-axis machining)
Gun drilling spindle: 11 kW, 4200rpm, liquid-cooled
IMSA’s 4-station Gun Drill Changer enables automatic replacement of the gun drilling unit without operator intervention
Milling spindle: ISO50, 29kW, 6000rpm, liquid-cooled electro-spindle for milling operations.


Automate DEEP DRILLING to the maximum

The I.M.S.A. MF1300/4P EVO deep drilling and milling center has a gun drill change system for changing 4 complete deep drilling units, an 80-position ISO50 tool changer and a two-position pallet changer. Article by the Italian technical magazine MACCHINE UTENSILI (Machine Tools).

User Report: R.S. MECCANICA – Increasing Efficiency in Deep Drilling

Specialized in the construction of injection moulds for the automotive sector, R.S. MECCANICA realizes the cooling circuits of the moulds on deep hole drilling machines of the Italian manufacturer I.M.S.A. Last year, R.S. Meccanica purchased the MF1300/4P EVO model from I.M.S.A., equipped with a 4-position drill changer and 60-position milling tool changer. - Article of the Italian technical magazine COSTRUIRE STAMPI (mold making).