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MFTB 3300 /110EVO



Cnc Deep Hole Drilling Machine for cylindrical parts, on-center holes


  • The IMSA deep hole drilling machine MFTB 3300/110EVO is dedicated to cylindrical workpieces that have to be drilled on their rotation axis, more specifically, this machine has been developed for aeronautical materials. Drilling depth in single operation: max. 3300mm. Hole diameter range 30 – 110 mm.
  • Deep drilling method: BTA/STS tool. Drilling spindle: 54 kW, 1400 rpm.
  • The workpiece is in counter-rotation in respect to the tool, in order to obtain the maximal drill straightness and process speed. Counter-rotation 400 rpm.
  • Specific IMSA functions to control the deep drilling process:
    – Electronic check of cutting parameters,
    – Double electronic check against tool-breaking, by reading the cutting effort.
  • Temperature, pressure and oil cleanliness are fundamental parameters to ensure continuous trouble-free deep drilling operations. The IMSA MFTB 3300/110EVO deep hole drilling machine is equipped with the best solutions that automatically manage these three parameters to the most suitable value:
    – high-pressure pumps with fixed flow rate;
    – for oil clarification: a complete 2-level filtering system;
    – for oil cooling: 2 heat exchangers.


  • Chip cleaner,
  • Drilling diameter increase up to 135 mm,
  • Steadyrest for workpiece support.



Drilling diameter range min-max: 30 – 110 mm
Drilling depth max. 3300 mm
Workpiece counter-rotation 400 rpm
Workpiece locking movement: by CNC
Drilling spindle 54 kW – 1400 rpm.


Axial deep drilling of custom sized cylindrical parts

Two I.M.S.A. MFT deep drilling machines, supplied to corporate clients this year between June and July, feature some improvements which the manufacturer highlights by adding the code EVO to the machine name. One model was built for a French tool manufacturer, while the other one was developed for an Italian company operating in the aeronautical field. Translation of the article published by the Italian technical magazine “NewsMec”.