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MFTB 1000/76 GDK – MFTB 2000 /76 GDK – MFTB 3000 /76 GDK


Cnc Deep Hole Drilling Machine for cylindrical parts, on-center holes


  • The deep hole drilling machines of the IMSA Series MFTB are dedicated to cylindrical workpieces that have to be drilled on their rotation axis.
  • Deep drilling method: in the intermediate diameter range between the Gun Drilling and the BTA Drilling, we propose a Double-Setup flexible solution we called IMSA “GDK” System. Our machines of the GDK Series work with 2 different deep drilling methods: BTA tool and Gun Drill tool. This enables you to better take advantage of both tool types.
  • Drilling depth in single operation:
    • MFTB 1000 /76 GDK: 1000 mm
    • MFTB 2000 /76 GDK: 2000 mm
    • MFTB 3000 /76 GDK: 3000 mm
  • Hole diameter range: 8 – 76 mm:
    • with gundrill tools, solid: 8 – 25 mm
    • with BTA tools, solid: 20 – 76 mm
    • drill tube max: 63 mm
    • drilling dia. in counter boring: 85 mm
  • The workpiece is in counter-rotation in respect to the gun drill, in order to obtain the maximal drill straightness and process speed.
  • Specific IMSA functions control the deep drilling process:
    – Electronic check of cutting parameters,
    – Double electronic check against gundrill-breaking, by reading the cutting effort.
  • Temperature, pressure and oil cleanliness are fundamental parameters to ensure continuous trouble-free gun drilling operations. The IMSA MFTB …/76 GDK deep hole drilling machines are equipped with the best solutions that automatically manage these three parameters to the most suitable value:
    – high-pressure pumps with inverter;
    – for oil clarification: a complete multilevel filtering system;
    – for oil cooling: a heat exchanger.


Drilling diameter range with Gun Drill tools: 8-25 mm.
Drilling diameter range with BTA/STS tools: 20-76 mm.
Max. drilling diameter in counter-boring: 85 mm.
Drilling depth max. 1000 / 2000 / 3000 mm (as per machine name).
Workpiece counter-rotation 80 rpm.
Workpiece locking movement: by CNC.
Drilling spindle 38 kW – 1500 rpm.