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MFT 750 /12 CR



Cnc Deep Hole Drilling Machine for cylindrical parts, on-center holes


  • The deep hole drilling machine IMSA MFT 750/12 CR is dedicated to workpieces up to 750mm, that have to be drilled on their rotation axis for diameters from 3 to 12 mm. Typical applications can be in medical industry, temperature measuring probes, aerospace pins.
  • Deep drilling method: gun drill tool. Drilling depth in single operation: 160 times the diameter; max. 750 mm. Drilling spindle 9 kW, 7.500 rpm.
  • The workpiece is in counter-rotation in respect to the gun drill, in order to obtain the maximal drill straightness and process speed. Counter-rotation 150 rpm.
  • Specific IMSA functions to control the deep drilling process:
    – Electronic check of cutting parameters,
    – Double electronic check against gundrill-breaking, by reading the cutting effort.
  • Temperature, pressure and oil cleanliness are fundamental parameters to ensure continuous trouble-free gun drilling operations. MFT 750/12 CR is equipped with the best solutions that automatically manage these three parameters to the most suitable value:
    – for oil supply to the gundrill: two different high-pressure pumps;
    – for oil clarification: a complete two-level filtering system;
    – for oil cooling: a heat exchanger (chiller).


  • Workpiece automatic loader,
  • Controlled CR head movement,
  • Automatic door opening,
  • Automatic chip conveyor,
  • Steadyrest for workpiece support,
  • Digital pressure measurement.


Drilling diameter range min-max: 3 – 12 mm
Drilling depth max. (160xØ) max. 750 mm
Workpiece counter-rotation 150 rpm
Locking: pneum./opt.CNC
Drilling spindle 9,0 kW – 7.500 rpm
Oil pressure max. 120 bar