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MFT 750 /12 CR



Cnc Deep Hole Drilling Machine for cylindrical parts, on-center holes


  • The deep hole drilling machine IMSA MFT 750/12 CR is dedicated to workpieces up to 750mm, that have to be drilled on their rotation axis for diameters from 2,5 to 12 mm. Typical applications can be in medical industry, temperature measuring probes, aerospace pins.
  • Deep drilling method: gun drill tool. Drilling depth in single operation: 160 times the diameter; max. 750 mm. Drilling spindle 9 kW, 7.500 rpm.
  • The workpiece is in counter-rotation in respect to the gun drill, in order to obtain the maximal drill straightness and process speed. Counter-rotation 150 rpm.
  • Specific IMSA functions to control the deep drilling process:
    – Electronic check of cutting parameters,
    – Double electronic check against gundrill-breaking, by reading the cutting effort.
  • Temperature, pressure and oil cleanliness are fundamental parameters to ensure continuous trouble-free gun drilling operations. MFT 750/12 CR is equipped with the best solutions that automatically manage these three parameters to the most suitable value:
    – for oil supply to the gundrill: two different high-pressure pumps;
    – for oil clarification: a complete two-level filtering system;
    – for oil cooling: a heat exchanger (chiller).


  • Workpiece automatic loader,
  • Controlled CR head movement,
  • Automatic door opening,
  • Automatic chip conveyor,
  • Steadyrest for workpiece support,
  • Digital pressure measurement.


Drilling diameter range min-max: 3 – 12 mm
Drilling depth max. (160xØ) 750 mm
Workpiece counter-rotation 150 rpm
Locking: pneum./opt.CNC
Drilling spindle 9,0 kW – 7.500 rpm
Oil pressure max. 120 bar