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MF1500 / 3000

Example of customized deep hole drilling machine designed and manufactured by IMSA: gun drilling and milling machine with increased horizontal travel.

The MF1500/3000 machine is equipped with a drilling spindle using gun drill tool, and with a separate milling spindle on same headstock, for the machining operations complementary to the holes.

Its single-block structure and its vertical gantry column ensure the best rigidity in any position.

Purpose: drilling of plastic extrusion moulds for polycarbonate panels, specifically in the machining of tools and dies for multiwall polycarbonate sheets. Machining of tools and dies for the extrusion of HDPE, PET, PVC and blends to produce hollow, solid and corrugated sheets.


For molds and mold inserts for multiwall polycarbonate sheets;
Machinable workpiece: as wide as 3000mm max;
Horizontal X-axis: 3000mm, vertical Y-axis: 500mm;
Optimal drilling diameters: 4-32mm solid;
Drilling depth in single operation 1500mm;
Deep drilling spindle 11kW, 6.000rpm, liquid-cooled;
Milling capabilities: second spindle ISO40, 13kW, 6.000rpm, liquid-cooled.