I.M.S.A. S.r.l
Via Don G. Dell'Acqua, 2/D
23890 Barzago (LC) - Italy
P: +39 031 860444


Established in 1988 and located in Barzago (Lecco) in northern Italy, IMSA initially manufactured special machines for general mechanic industry. Since 1992 it specialized in the design and manufacture of deep hole drilling machines and became a leading manufacturer of this machine type.

IMSA is represented globally with more than 550 deep drilling machines currently running in Italy and in the rest of Europe, in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brasil,... IMSA machines are working in businesses in the mechanical production industry, machining job shops, aerospace, mold makers for many sectors of the industry such as automotive, food/packing, medical parts among others.

Many of the recent innovations applied to gun drilling machines for moldmakers were developed by IMSA, and the efforts of IMSA's design team are still concentrated on this application. A deep drilling machine that offers state-of-the-art performance will provide immediate benefits and will have a long shop floor life: It’s this logic that drives IMSA to constantly improve its gun drilling machines for molds and blocks.

For centerline deep hole drilling of cylindrical parts, such as oil-hydraulic parts, gears and mechanical transmissions, parts for medical applications, since 2000 IMSA offers a wide range of drilling machines with counter-rotation systems.

IMSA machines are made-to-order. The standard models are custom-tailored thanks to a series of options. We also offer complete high-tech solutions to meet the most common needs.

Individual solutions can also be designed and manufactured for special-application deep hole drilling.

In addition to the research & development for deep hole drilling machines, the company IMSA recently invested in automated vertical warehouse and machining centers, to improve the internal production processes, and in green investments such as the expansion of the solar panels installation (186 kWp), and the installation of a hybrid cooling and heating system managed by heat pump for the whole manufacturing facility.


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In analyzing your deep drilling needs, we are at your disposal to support you and suggest a solution completely fulfilling the required productivity.

While you are evaluating our machine quotes, you can ask for a drilling test session, in order to check the actual capabilities of our machines. We stay at our customers' disposal as technological partners for advice, recommendation and tests, for example when searching for the best drilling parameters for problematic materials.

The supply of an IMSA drilling machine always foresees a training session as a standard. The first phase takes place in IMSA workshop during machine acceptance test, then the training is completed at the customers' premises during machine commissioning.

In our workshop in Barzago - Italy we store the most important electrical and mechanical spare parts and consumable parts such as filters, timing belts, pumps.

IMSA is a manufacturing industry where the same personnel in charge of the machine mounting, also executes maintenance intervention directly and/or gives training and instructions to maintenance personnel in the customers’ shop. This grants high-quality top-skilled service.

If you own an old IMSA machine we stay at your disposal for an evaluation of feasibility and costs for a complete remanufacturing. As an alternative, we overvalue used IMSA machine in case of purchase order for a new machine.