Tilting Table on Deep-Hole-Drilling and Milling Centre Allows Cutting of Complex Mould-Cooling Circuits

IMSA S.r.l. has reeingineered its MF1000/2F deep-hole-drilling and milling centre and equipped it with a new tilting table. This 7-axis centre uses a gun-drilling tool to perform deep drilling in workpieces that have rotational diameters as great as 1.600mm and that weigh as much as 5.000 kg.

The MF1000/2F drills 4- to 25-mm-diameter holes up to 1.000 mm deep in full metal in a single operation ans as wide as 32 mm in diameter in counterboring operations.

With the new 1.000 x 1.200-mm rotary/tilting table, the renovated machine can execute elaborate mould-cooling circuits with compound angles, just like IMSA’s higher-level BB machines designed for processing bigger moulds.

Moreover, the new MF1000/2F can carry out all the milling operations complementary to gun-drilling, such as spot-facing, tapping and conventional drilling with twist drills, as well as high-metal-removal operations (up to 250 cm3/min) thanks to its 7-kW, 108-Nm ISO40 milling spindle. This spindle is placed on the same ram as the drilling unit but on a separate axis, enabling switchover to take place completely automatically; no operator need intervene.

As with other IMSA milling/drilling centres, the column is a vertical gantry structure guided at both bottom and top for maximum rigidity.


European Tool and Moldmaking

July 2010