Small Deep-Drilling Machine Features Automatic Changeover to Milling Operation

Small Deep-Drilling Machine Features Automatic Changeover to Milling Operation

Owing to the new automatic “swing-on-top Imsasystem” on the MF1000AF deep-drilling machine manufactured by IMSA S.r.l., it is now possible to perform milling operations on the machine after a very short interval; the changeover from the drilling configuration to the one for milling is effected without operator intervention.

The compact, rigid machine is simple to use. It is equipped with an ISO40 spindle for milling.

The Model MF1000AF machine evolved from the MF1000A, which was developed specifically for rapidly and economically drilling straight or single-inclination circuits in moulds or hot runner systems up to 4.000 kg.

Maximum drilling depth in one operation is 1.000 mm, and the diameter range for optimal drilling from full material is 4 to 25 mm. Machine travels are 900 mm in the X-axis, 300 mm in the Y-axis, 1.000 mm in the deep-drilling Z-axis, and 250 mm in the milling W-axis.

CNC rotary tables with load capacities of 2 and 4 tonnes are available.

With the exclusive Imsasystem, which requires no disassembly of machine parts, the chip box and steady-rests are swung up on top, setting the ISO40 spindle free for milling. The gun drill does not have to be removed; it remains, with its whip guides, in the swung drilling unit.

Thus, a new drilling operation can be performed shortly after switching back. The swing-on-top movement is managed hydraulically and via CNC.

European Tool and Moldmaking

December 2011