Simple Deep-Hole-Drilling Machine for Moulds and Inserts Delivers High Performance

The MF800C deep-hole-drilling machine, forthcoming from IMSA S.r.l., the Italian manufacturer of high-tech gun-drilling machines, is designed for deep-drilling mould inserts and small to medium-size moulds no larger than 800x800x500mm.

Maximum drilling depth is 800 mm for gun-drilled holes measuring 4 to 16 mm in diameter. The standard version of the easy-to-use MF800C is a simple 3-axis machine for straight holes only, but an optional 4-axis version is equipped with a rotary table offering 360.000 CNC positions for simple-angle drilling.

Despite its simplicity, IMSA has given this small machine the distinctive features of its highest-performance models. Chief among these features is the vertical gantry structure of the column, previously appearing only in the manufacturer’s large 8- to 9-axis gun-drilling centres for processing elaborate moulds. The column holding the drilling unit is supported and guided at both top and bottom. This provides rigidity rated 16 times better than that supplied by a traditional bottom-guided column.

The full machine enclosure includes a spacious transparent sliding door for easy part loading. Like all IMSA machines, the MF800C is equipped with a three-level filtering system (magnetic, paper and cartridge) and with a refrigerating unit for the cutting oil. Customized deep-drilling functions are incorporated in the Heidenhain CNC.

The machine can be optionally provided with small-scale milling capabilities. A unit that can be mounted on it after the gun drill and its accessories are removed is capable of executing operations complementary to gun-drilling, such as spot-facing of the bushing, milling of mould clamping cavities and the like, and rigid and interpolation tapping.


European Tool and Moldmaking

January 2012