Gundrilling and milling in synergy

BB-Evo is the new series of work centers specifically designed and developed by the Italian manufacturer I.M.S.A. to work in unison with already well-known deep drilling capacities and improved milling performance, with the objective of continuing to better satisfy preliminary processing and completion of holes.

Translation of the article published in the Italian technical journal “Costruire Stampi”” February 2015


In a market that is ever more competitive and complex, the expansion of a product range must often be accompanied by added value, in order to integrate new operating opportunities with better performance. In pursuit of this line of logic, I.M.S.A. has developed a new series of machines, which in addition to guaranteeing the highest possible performance in gundrilling also combine important technical features in milling for all preliminary processing and completion of deep drilling.

This means being able to provide an even more complete and high performance work center, which can expand upon the available processing options from the point of view of renovating technical resources, as well as further operating opportunities in structured workshops, and as a response to new dynamics underway in the national and international industrial molds sector,” explains Luca Picciolo, I.M.S.A. Sales Technician.

The new model, called MF1450BB, constitutes the latest evolution of the concept behind the BB series proposed by I.M.S.A., the well-known and very successful range of high-tech gundrilling centers for mold manufacturers using complex cooling circuits, and is the first to be part of the new BB-Evo series.

This evolution continues to maintain the two drilling and milling units distinct and independent from one another, ensuring a winning formula for management, functional and performance logistics, not an innovation for the company, but instead consolidated cutting edge practices mastered for over a decade,” continues Picciolo.

Distinct and independent units, therefore, designed and constructed to satisfy precise operational requirements, which in short, are: deep drilling up to 1,450 mm in a single cycle in diameters from 5 to 40 mm; milling for processing and preparation and completion of holes (reaming, pocket-milling, threading, etc.), with horizontal milling stroke of 1,050 mm obtained by combining the ram stroke (axis W 600 mm) and the stroke of the milling shaft (axis Z 450 mm).

Another factor adding technological value to the new center is the addition of transfer movement of the table (axis U) to facilitate management of the 4 faces; this is an important advantage when working with both large and small size pieces.

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