Elaborate Mould-Cooling Circuits Can Be Drilled Quickly And Precisely With Gun-Drilling/Milling Centre

IMSA S.r.l. offers mould makers the medium-sized MF1200BB gun-drilling and milling centre, along with the larger models MF1200BBL and MF1200BBLL.

Each of these machines can drill holes 5-40mm in diameter and 1.200mm deep from full metal in one operation. Y-axis travel is 1.000mm, while X-axis distance varies with the model. A full set of options supports customization to suit each mould maker’s needs for drilling cooling circuits rapidly and precisely.

The MF1200BB is equipped with a 1.000×1.200-mm rotary table with a load capacity of 6.500 kg. Its X-axis movement is 1.250mm. The machine structure accommodates workpieces having diameters no greater than 1.700mm.

The larger machines have a 1.200×1.500-mm rotary table that holds up to 12.000kg. The BBL model features a 1.650-mm X-axis and handles workpieces inscribable within a diameter of 2.100mm, while the BBLL unit has a 2.200-mm X-axis and can manueuver any workpiece having a diameter of 2.600mm or less.

The combination of rotary table ad tilting headstock allows double-inclined drilling and maximizes working flexibility with minimum handling of the workpiece. An ISO40 milling spindle placed on the headstock beside the drilling slide performs machining operations complementary to drilling, such as flattening, spot-facing, and tapping, on the independent axis. With the two separate spindles, no intervention is necessary for transitioning between drilling and milling.

The exclusive gantry structure of the MF1200BB’s column – supported and guided at both bottom and top – provides rigidity 16 times greater than in the traditional movable-column configuration. This enables latest-generation gun drills with chip-breaking inserts to be used, resulting in a higher drilling speed.


European Tool and Moldmaking

September 2009